Hi Mary,

I was so sorry to hear of Joan’s death yesterday. She was such a wonderful person and she brought so much joy and happiness to the animals on her shift but more importantly, to the people who had the pleasure of working with her. Joan will be sorely missed and her passing is a great loss.

Ironically, after weeks of emailing back and forth with a couple who were interested in her dog Jack we finally introduced him to them just yesterday. They adopted a dog from us 14 years ago and lost Maggie to cancer last month. The day they euthanized Maggie, they read Jacks story on our Facebook page and instantly felt a connection. They told us that Jack was so like Maggie in so many ways and they felt it was fate that he came into their lives on the day they lost their beloved dog. Within hours of them meeting Jack, I understand that Joan passed away. They came to pick Jack up at 6pm last night and took him home.

People have said that they think Joan was waiting until this all worked out and then she left us. Others have commented that Joan organized this whole thing from another place. Either way, we know Joan would be relieved and thrilled to know her beloved Jack is in a new, loving home. I just thought you’d be comforted to know that Jack is safe and sound in his new home.

Best wishes and I hope to meet you at Joan’s celebration.