JOAN GOLD,WOMAN EXTRAORDINAIRE',Hey Honey, WE LOVE YOU!!! We are so glad you are in a happy room now and "loving food that you can't stand"(I totally get that!)and enjoying the long line of family and friends that adore you! Every story of you enjoying a SMORGASBORD of food allows us all to enjoy our own food that much more. We(Marylou,Ian,Abbie)posted some photos that we hope you will see that remind of us of so many joyous, meaningful and quite frankly hilarious times...THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU fabulous Joan! I MISS YOU beyond measure and will love you FOREVER and ever and ever and ever and you know what I mean, I know you get it!the same as I always get you!!!...You will see San Fransisco Sport, Mary Cullen,you,me out front of Barbizon Hotel NYC 1998,your fabulous family Dallas,Texas,SMU,to honor your Dad,Joan, Ian(2yo),Joan, Abbie in Albuquerque 2001 to Marylou rescue!!!

(more pics to come of you and Joe many years ago...)

I can't get you out of my mind,I'm wishing you peaceful nights,love,

Mary Lou