I have worked here for not quite two years, so I didn’t have the distinct privilege of knowing Joan well, but I did have a few precious encounters with her. All within the dynamic construct known as “work”. She was and is spoken of with such awe and reverence – a most special woman in this often hard-scrabble world, and all I heard about her made me rejoice even more for the few times I was with her. I guess I felt – because she was such a vital and affirming force for compassion and love in this remarkable organization – that I too was drawn into her special circle. I would become a better person for her calling me “friend”.

She won’t remember me, I don’t think, but if I might ask you to add my name to the long list of those here who send her my love…Linda’s sidekick…I would be honored. Though she has always known she is never alone…she just naturally draws people to her...she now has one more foot soldier in her army.